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We are your local Jacksonville Roofing Contractor specializing in residential roofing services. We are dedicated to providing customer service that is second to none. Whether you have a new construction project or need to replace an old or damaged roof, we offer roofing repair and replacement services.

Reliable Roofing Professionals


Individualized Roofing Options

We will provide you with a fully personalized roofing consultation to explain all of your available options so that you can choose the roofing plan that’s right for your home or business. We will work with you and adhere to your personal needs.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive to save you both time and money by combining our extensive roofing knowledge, the highest quality parts and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service. We will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied.

Emergency Services

Storm Damage Restoration

High Winds Can Damage Your Roof!

Strong winds that typically accompany storms can cause shingles to crack, bend, or fly off, leaving your roof and the interior of your home vulnerable to leaks and/or further damage.

It's important to remember that just because the shingle isn't missing does not mean that there is not significant damage to your roof. After a storm it's always important to have your roof inspected by a roofing specialist.

50% of Roofs in The Area Have Hail Damage

Hailstorms rarely last more than 15 minutes, but the damage can be devastating. Hail pounding on your roof can cause dents, missing asphalt, bruising, or cracking in your shingles.

Sometimes hail creates small impressions that may not be visible from the ground. Once it's safe and the storm has passed, always have a roofing specialist inspect your roof.

5 Reasons to Work WITH commonwealth!


Commonwealth is committed to the career.

Licensed contractors have gained experience and knowledge through the proper training and legal processes. They put in the time and money to obtain the appropriate licenses and permits from authorized government offices, after passing the licensure test. These actions show a commitment to their career as a contractor, something not guaranteed by unlicensed contractors.

We offer insurance on all projects!

Most licensed contractors, including Commonwealth Roofing Co., will offer liability insurance to protect you, your family, and your home. Liability insurance is protection from personal and bodily injury and property damage that could occur during your renovation. For instance, if a visitor is injured upon entering the construction site, the insurance protection will cover any medical fees that may be incurred.

Commonwealth ensures that all requirements by the city and federal government are met.

Licensed contractors have been trained to understand and meet all requirements set by the city council and federal government. They will schedule inspections to make sure your home meets every single quality requirement and passes all safety examinations. These can become very important when the time comes to sell your home. If you have had any major renovations completed, a potential buyer may check if the required permits were pulled for the project

We ensure that every step of the home repair or renovation is followed systematically.

This sounds like a given, but not all contractors follow the steps necessary to complete a project safely and on time. Licensed contractors, however, follow a specific, systematic approach to their projects. They carefully plan out the process before starting the work; they will prioritize open communication with the homeowner from day one until the day the project is completed. A licensed contractor will also ensure that there is a signed legal contract between the two of you: a form of security that only licensed contractors can offer.

Finally, we will ensure the project is completed, even when problems or obstacles arise.

Licensed contractors will take responsibility if something goes wrong; ignoring or running away from mistakes can result in the loss of their licensure. Trust licensed contractors to stay with you until your home renovation project is completed and you are satisfied!

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$80,000-$100,000 Yearly Earning Potential

Great Team Environment to Help You Succeed

Ability to Create a Successful Lifetime Career

All Tools Needed to Be Successful Will Be Provided to You!

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Join Our Team!


$80,000-$100,000 Yearly Earning Potential

Great Team Environment to Help You Succeed

Ability to Create a Successful Lifetime Career

All Tools Needed to Be Successful Will Be Provided to You!

For More Careers Info Call (904) 532-0842

Give us a call or upload you resume to today!



Stephany Baez

We used them to install our new roof. Marena Jeffcoat was exceptional and helped us from being to end. She’s professional, kind, helpful and just a joy to be around. They completed task as indicated an we had new roof in two days. Crew was on time and completed job before they left. Highly recommend for your roof repair needs

Victor Perez

I am very pleased with the job they did. My house looks great. My roof is amazing and my property value increased since I got my roof replaced. I highly recommend Commonwealth Roofing for your roof replacement. Don't hesitate to call them! Their inspection was free of charge and very informative. They take care of everything from that point forward. Great experience.

Landria Alegria

I absolutely recommend Commonwealth roofing to all! From the beginning to the end, they have been professional, on time and great to communicate with. Our first experience with re-roofing of our house and they have made it a breeze. Roofers were prompt, clean, courteous and did awesome job in one day! We are thankful for all of the assistance and help with the project. Great company.




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